EWG Youth Hoops

The concession stands that are set-up outside all three school gyms provide much more than just drinks and snacks. The concession stands are a vital component to the financial well-being of our league.

Amy Putrino and Sharon Pelser have been shouldering the burden of purchasing, organizing and manning the concession stand every Saturday throughout the winter for the past 7 or 8 years.

While they do an excellent job at this, they can’t do it alone. What we try to do is, through the help of each teams coach; schedule one of their parents for one hour once a week. Most people are willing to help and do so when they are scheduled. Some, unfortunately, do not want to help.

Last year we had over 650 kids play in our league. If every parent volunteered for one hour, we would have more people than we could use. Every Saturday we have a total of 22 games. That is 22 hours or 22 volunteers. Times the 12 weeks of games, that works out to 264 volunteer hours. However, there is not a Saturday that goes by when we don’t have coverage for all three concession stands and the same people have to step in and put in additional time because someone else didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t!

Please help us out. The next time you walk into the gym and pass the concession table, please thank the person standing there and please remember the importance of why it is there. And please ask to volunteer for one hour.

Please contact Amy Putrino at 294-0237 or Sharon Pelser at 294-9272