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Educational Materials

FSNEP offers educational brochures, pamphlets and posters free of charge.
We also offer training materials which can be purchased at the end of the download section.
Click on any title to view the item.

Change is Good Brochure
Change is Good: A color brochure focusing on tips for saving money on food. This brochure is available in both English and Spanish.
Nutrition And Food Safety
Color brochure with tips for keeping food safe at home.
10 Super Foods (English and/or Spanish)
One page color handout on ten super foods that are high in nutrients for good health.
10 Super Foods For The Holidays
One page color handout as a companion to 10 Super Foods with a focus on holiday fare.
Easy Ways Guide To Good Food
Two-sided one-page color hand out with easy ways to incorporate fruits, vegetables and calcium into the diet. Also includes three great recipes.
"Food Talk"- ESL Nutrition Lesson PLans
Four low-literacy lesson plans introducing the following topics: the USDA Food Guide Pyramid, label reading, unit pricing and food safety. The curriculum also includes student activities and background materials for leaders. Click below to download. (PDF format)
Lesson Plan 1
Lesson Plan 2
Lesson Plan 3
Lesson Plan 4

Materials For Purchase
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Nutrition and Alcohol
Color brochure providing tips for staying healthy and providing information about alcohol in the diet.
Eat Well Spend Less Food Pyramid (English and or/Spanish
Two-sided color on-page handout based on the USDA Food Guide Pyramid to help you spend less on a healthy diet. Includes two delicious low-cost, nutritious recipes.
Eat Well, Spend Less Food Pyramid Menu Ideas
This brochure is a companion to the Eat Well Spend less Pyramid It features seven low-cost, healthful recipes, as well as a week of menu suggestions.

Other Educational Materials

Reading Kits   (Click on photos for complete details)
Each of these reading kits features a book with a food and / or physical activity theme at a reading level appropriate for preschool-age children. Accompanying materials included in each of the kits are games and crafts specific to the particular book subject and reinforce the nutrition theme. The kits are in circulation at the Providence Public Library. The books, without the kit materials, can be purchased at major book stores. The reading kits created are as follows:

Animals and Alphabet-Click for Details Lunch-Click Click for Details I Need A Lunchbox-Click Click for Details Pete's-A-Pizza-Click Click for Details

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